Dual band bent slot loaded patch antenna

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An antenna comprising at least one dipole, the dipole comprising a pair of arms drooping relative to a plane orthogonal to a central axis, end portions of the arms being bent back toward the central axis.

Effect of Capacitive loading on slot loaded Dual Band ... Effect of Capacitive loading on slot loaded Dual Band Microstrip antenna Mr. Prathamesh Bhat*, ... single-feed dual-band microstrip antenna loaded with narrow ... Unslotted patch Slot loaded patch 1 W= 53.25 mm L= 41.5 mm W= 40mm Dual-band slot-loaded patch antenna - IET Journals & Magazine Dual-band slot-loaded patch antenna Abstract: A new patch antenna is analysed which provides dual-frequency operation by means of two narrow slots close to the patch radiating edges. The two modes of operations show similar radiating properties. The ratio between the two frequencies can be well controlled within a range varying from 1.6 to 2 ...

On the Use of Slots in the Design of Patch Antennas

US6426722B1 - Polarization converting radio frequency A polarization converting surface for reflecting impinging radio frequency waves. The surface includes a ground plane and a plurality of elements disposed in an array a distance from the ground plane. US6337667B1 - Multiband, single feed antenna - Google Patents

Abstract: A dual polarized microstrip patch antenna is proposed for Ku-band applications. The corner chopped square patch with four bent slots is adopted in this design. .... In this paper, we demonstrate that a slot-loaded microstrip.

Dual-band functionality is implemented by using two unequally sized galvanically coupled resonantAs typically only one of eight time-slots is used for GSM communica-tio√n, the given peak currentsA novel dual band patch antenna for GSM band. In Proc. IEEE AP-S Conference on Antennas and... Multi-Band U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna with… Keywords— Patch antenna; Radiation pattern; U-slot; VSWR. Introduction Antennas are important components in communication systems and play a role in[3] Dual U-Slot Triple Band Microstrip Patch Antenna for Next Generation Wireless Networks, Sana Arif, Syeda Areeba Nasir, Muhammad... Slot Antennas For Dual And Wideband Operation Keywords: Wideband, dual band, coplanar patch antennas, meander slot antennas. 1. INTRODUCTION. In present-day personal communication1. The antenna consists of a rectangular patch surrounded by a non-uniform width slot. As shown in Fig. 1, W represents the patch width, L is...

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Abstract—This paper discusses the design of slot loaded rectangular patch antenna for dual band operations. In this dual band operation is obtained by embedding the slots in the radiating patch. These slots may be rectangular, circular so that the gain, VSWR, Return Loss, Bandwidth can be improved. Single Feed Dual band dual Polarized Micro-strip Patch antenna First, the design parameters for dual band and dual polarized of rectangular patch antenna have been calculated from the transmission line model equation. The antenna design is extended to enhancement of bandwidth of multi- frequncy and multi-polarization rectangular Microstrip patch antenna using the slots at radiating edges.

Dual Frequency Triangular Slotted Microstrip Patch

Designing a dual band micro strip patch antenna operating at 1.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz on CST - Продолжительность: 10:16 Torubein Fawei 4 382 просмотра.What Is Meant By Slot Antenna? Dual-band bent slot-loaded pin-fed Dual-frequency patch antennas provide an alternative to wideband planar antennas in applications where a wide bandwidth is used for operation at twoDual-band bent slot-loaded pin-fed rectangular patch 3 Performance Impedance Characteristics The two important resonant frequencies occur at the... Dual Band Patch Antenna for WLAN/Wi-Max Applications using… The slot loaded patch antenna resonates at 2.43 GHz and 3.5 GHz frequencies.the narrow slots with properly-bent slots, a novel dual-frequency operation of the microstrip antenna can easily beIn this paper, a slot loaded double band microstrip patch antenna for WLAN/Wi-Max applications is... Dual Frequency Triangular Slotted Microstrip Patch … Keywords: Dual band, Satellite, microstrip patch antenna, Ku band. Słowa kluczowe: podwójna częstotliwość, prostokątna antena mikropaskowaapplications, microstrip patch antennas have great demand due to their low profile, mechanically robust, compatible with MMIC designs, relatively...